Embracing the beauty of imperfection and impermanence is a red thread that runs throughout my work. Transformation, creative alchemy, seeing the sacred in the ordinary is my path.

This is why I create: to get down to the bones of my own being and the bones of life itself. To have the strength and conviction to stay in that open space of not knowing and let myself be led by creation itself.

My work nurtures the authentic by exploring three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. At the same time it is fertile, lush and abundant, playing the edge between decay and bloom.

I have always been moved by colour, texture, detail and relationship. Over the years a visual language has developed built on a foundation of curiosity and tenderness.

My path is about keeping the creative channels open and being willing.

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“Dana Marshall paints with photography the visible and the invisible world that surrounds us, the reality behind reality.”

– Coen Eggen


“The work is paradoxical; whimsical and raw, colorful and silent, sensual and risky, intimate and bold.”

– Iman Keuchenius


Born Brooklyn, New York 1962.

Bachelor of Fine Art’s in Photography at The School of Visual Arts with Outstanding Student Award, New York City 1980 – 1985.

Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten (Post Graduate National Academy of Visual Arts), Amsterdam 1989-1991.

Living and working in the Netherlands since 1989.

Collections (a selection):

The Tate Gallery, London

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

The Getty Center, Santa Monica

Photography collection Bart Hartkamp, Amsterdam

Photography collection Manfred Heiting, Malibu

Dana Marshall

For a commission of a custom made photograph for your home or office please make contact: dana@dmarshall.nl