“I just love the bold colours, the rich textures, and the sense of mystery you capture in each of your pieces. Wonderful work!”

Irini Rockwell

“Your work is a strong clear vision, as much to be lived with as seen.”

Tommy Swerdlow

“Such beautiful work. I’m so touched by its connection to the body, the body of the earth and our bodies. I am immediately brought into feeling and sensing in an expansive, non-conceptual way.”

Erika Berland

“Your photos are heartrendingly beautiful, provocative, rich, and altogether just lovely.”

Jeremy Hayward

“Thoughtful, precious and powerful. Just like you.”

Geertje Couwenbergh

“Conceptually daring, technically accomplished, most of all beautiful, and (praise the gods) highly sensual.”

David Schneider

“Dana Marshall paints with photography the visible and the invisible world that surrounds us, the reality behind reality.”

Coen Eggen

“The work is paradoxical; whimsical and raw, colourful and silent, sensual and risky, intimate and bold.”

Iman Keuchenius

“Embracing nature, a eulogy to beauty and fragility. A hymn to eternal impermanence, like a lasting memory of a loved one.”

Herman Hoeneveld