Yoga inspired this series.The project uses the asanas (postures) to explore yoga from the inside out. The asanas are a vessel; a shape into which the body is poured. Yoga means union; to join and it is this union that underlies the visual exploration in these photographs.The juxtaposition of a still life with a figure, an interplay between the animate and the inanimate. The power of surrender, being strong and vulnerable at the same time.

  • Technique: 4 x 5 inch View Camera with color slide film for the still life’s. 35 mm color slide film for the bodies.

  • Prints: Canson Infinity Fine Art.

  • Size: Custom made.

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The photographs are made in limited editions and are custom printed and custom framed. The prices range from €450 - €2500 depending on the size and frame.

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