In the series Luminosity the main character is light. This body of work stands on the shoulders of Ratna, Padma, Primordial Matters, Garland of Colour, Duende, Relics, Beauty Squared and Dissolving the Boundaries. In all these series I am joining my paintings with collected objects.

In Luminosity I take a leap and leave behind the reference point of an object. These photographs are portraits of light and color. They are pointing to the notion of emptiness. Emptiness in Buddhism is not a void but rather emptiness is luminous.

  • Technique: Fujifilm X-E3 Digital camera.

  • Prints: Canson Infinity Fine Art.

  • Size: Custom made.

The way to purchase a fine art photograph for your home or office is to make an appointment. During this conversation we can talk about which work best suits your space.

The photographs are made in limited editions and are custom printed and custom framed. The prices range from €450 - €2500 depending on the size and frame.

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