My Friend and the Tree

My Friend and the Tree is a visual story but there is no storyline.

Working with a pinhole camera is intuitive because you cannot look through a lens. It has more to do with feeling than with seeing.

A pinhole camera consists of a lightproof box, an aperture and light sensitive material. Light passes through the pinhole to project an inverted image onto film on the opposite end of the camera. It has tremendous depth of field, meaning that everything in the image, no matter how close or distant has the same quality of focus; soft, dreamy and enigmatic.

The mystery, the unpredictability and the lack of control is why I chose to use a pinhole camera.

  • Technique: Pinhole Camera, Analog color negative film.

  • Prints: Archival pigment Hahnemule Photo Rag.

  • Size: Custom made.

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