These photographs were made during daily walks around Old Port Cove in Florida. I became fascinated with the ground and the more I photographed the more the ground spoke to me.

My process is one of curiosity and passion.
I set up the conditions to create by connecting with ‘that’.
A fluttering occurs, ‘a what happens if’ state of mind.
I photograph with a sense of abandon. Like falling in love.
Following one impulse or feeling of attraction after another.
Then I edit ruthlessly.
Reducing hundreds of photographs to the essence.
Following the threads in the work itself.
This is a visceral experience.
The work says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ inside my belly.
I listen and from that a body of work is born.

  • Technique: Iphone camera.

  • Prints:  Hahnemule Photo Rag.

  • Size: Custom made.

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