Light Changes Every Thing

Starting with a question and not a concept is where the process begins.

A non verbal question based on what if? A stepping into unknown space and seeing what happens.

Creating a world and exploring that world with my camera. Riding the edge between control, discovery, chance and magic.

Light, texture, colour, nature, brilliance; these themes come up again and again. A longing to connect to the unseen and giving voice to the inexpressible is my journey.

The visual language that has developed over the years is tactile and sensual based on painting and collage. Photography is the fire, melting the individual ingredients into a whole, like alchemy, transforming metal into gold.

  • Technique: Fujifilm X-E3 Digital camera.

  • Prints: Archival pigment Hahnemühle Musuem Etching.

  • Size: Custom made.

The way to purchase a fine art photograph for your home or office is to make an appointment. During this conversation we can talk about which work best suits your space.

The photographs are made in limited editions and are custom printed and custom framed. The prices range from €450 - €2500 depending on the size and frame.

Is a work speaking to you? Then book a free 30 minute art consultation.